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mail Servers Monash seeks to engineer its e mail service to provide prompt delivery and highly reliable storage of users' e mail messages.

The solution chosen needs to be scalable to handle a relentless increase in the numbers of users, the number of messages sent and stored, and the size/complexity of the messages. The parts of the e mail service that speak Internet protocols MUST adhere to the recommendations in the relevant Internet RFCs, for example RFC 1123 "Requirements for Internet Hosts Application and Support". There needs to be some easy way of identifying stuck messages, determining why a particular message can't be processed and for correcting the problem or bouncing the message. We also need to be able to trace problems like who sent messages to whom, or "why didn't my message get through yesterday?". Suppliers may choose to offer a louis vuitton bags nyc solution based around one or a small number of large mail servers, or may choose to offer a larger number of servers some of which have specialised functions. The following descriptions are meant to specify the services to be provided rather than identifying separate boxes. These machine(s) will be used to forward mail to and from servers that don't have direct Internet access, such as the current student NetWare servers. Mail hubs will also provide a "smart" host for client machines or dumb mail servers to upload their e mail to. Mail hubs will also be used to temporarily buffer messages destined for other machines that are down or overloaded, and forward the messages on when possible. Mechanisms need to be available to sort messages according to various criteria such as sender, destination, size and any special processing required and apply different processing strategies such as priority, number of concurrent streams, retry intervals etc. Some defence mechanisms need to be available to manage the resources used handling e mail. Unusual events such as peaks in offered load shouldn't drive the system into overload thereby preventing unrelated e mail from getting through. As well as messages sent to an individual, there can be messages sent to a group of users, boadcast messages sent to groups of users (possibly everyone), and messages made available for groups of users to look at (like bulletin boards). We wish to support all these modes of communication. Most mailing lists management will louis vuitton mens shoes quality be done through the Directory. The mail servers will have to scan the directory to determine the sender's rights to send to the list, the list membership, and then replicate the mail message (if appropriate). There will also be some need for some mailing lists outside the directory such as mailing lists that contain non Monash addresses. There needs to be some mechanisms to monitor nondeliveries and unsubscribe invalid addresses, automatically if possible. The Post Office should also allow for correcting incomplete e mail addresses provided by a user, and for fixing non standard message bodies or attachment formats. There should be flexible and easy to use means for specifying such translations. Of course, any modifications made should produceOther message conversion functions are also desirable such as being able to convert Word documents into plain text where can you buy louis vuitton purses for people who desire it, or to rewrite e mail to output to a printer or send it to a FAX modem or pager. The central post office functions could be replicated across several mail hub systems, providing that there are highly reliable ways of replicating and installing config files and databases, ways of combining / managing multiple sets of mail logs, etc.

Note that replicating some but not all of the config files could cause disastrous mail loops or black holes. It is possible that in the near future, the Computer Centre will operate a duplicate data centre at another site which will be expected to carry on full university core business (including e mail) louis vuitton purses prices list even if the primary site is completely out of action for an extended period of time.

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