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I Will Fight For My Rights Bulgarian GM Kiril Georgiev, who was banned for three years by the Bulgarian Chess Federation on Saturday, gave a live interview on our site last night.

In the course of louis vuitton shoes london an hour long discussion and question and answer session with our listeners, he spoke about his conflict with the Bulgarian Federation and its President, Silvio Danailov. We present some brief extracts in translation below. The audio file in Russian can be found above, and the full Russian transcript here. "I have sent an open letter to Ilyumzhinov, explaining the allegations regarding the tournaments at louis vuitton purses from china Albena and Golden Sands. I want to inform him that the Bulgarian federation has not been open about its accounting matters in recent years. In recent years, a lot of strange things have happened in our federation. I am sick of it. Too many people have remained silent for too long." "There is no politics involved, no conspiracy, no foreign agencies, nothing. We are just chessplayers and we are speaking about what is louis vuitton shoes us going on within the Bulgarian Federation."We", in this context, being GMs Inkev, Stefan Sergiev and others. We have no personal motives. At first, things were all fine but relations became bad in recent years. I was promised payment for the trip to the European Championship in Israel, as Bulgarian Champion, but they never paid me. I have tried to meet with Danailov to patch things up, but he is always very angry and does not want to." Georgiev says he was not surprised by his ban: "It was no surprise. I told friends the week before that I expected some punishment for the press conference. But it is unpleasant. " Asked whether he will appeal, he responded: "Of course, I will fight for my rights. But this could take a long time. I will speak to lawyers and get their advice what best to do. I won sit on my hands, I will fight. A great many people in Bulgaria support me. Over 90%, and abroad too." "I Couldn Stay Silent". GM Kiril Georgiev On His Recent Accusations Against Topalov and Danailov The member of the national team of Bulgaria, Kiril Georgiev explained to our website his recent accusations towards Silvio Danailov and Veselin Topalov. As you remember he published on his Facebook page that the unsuccessful performance of the team at the Olympiad (overall 20th place) is Danailov and Topalov fault, who create unfavourable atmosphere inside the national team. Why Is Bulgaria Not Playing in Reykjavik? People ask, Danailov answers Georgiev vs BCF: The Anti Corruption Proceedings Against Bulgarian Chess Federation Have Been TerminatedBulgarian Chess Federation Bans Kiril Georgiev for Three Years The grandmaster accused the Bulgarian federation of corruption. Danailov: "He has been used". "Their Only Goal is to Destroy". Veselin Topalov Speaks Out In Support of Silvio Danailov Veselin Topalov has issued an open letter in support of his long time manager Silvio Danailov. We would remind you that recently, the experienced Bulgarian grandmaster Kiril Georgiev and others accused the leadership of the Bulgarian federation (BCF), at the head of which is Danailov, of corruption. Topalov describes the accusers campaign as aggressive and louis vuitton alma price a smear, shares certain facts and poses some questions. [The original letter was published in Bulgarian. Silvio Danailov: "Paulson is a Simple Employee" Who Will Become a "Complete Disaster for Chess" Chessvibes dedicated a large material to the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne to dismiss all requests from the Bulgarian Chess Federation. Bulgarian Federation Complains about Azmaiparashvili and Calls for his Suspension for One Year as Head of ECU The Bulgarian Chess Federation (BCF) has filed a complaint with the FIDE Ethics Commission against ECU President, Zurab Azmaiparashvili and the general secretary of the organisation, Theodoros Tsorbatzoglu. ECU Emphasizes That It Has Nothing to Do With the Tournaments Held in Albena and Golden Sands in 2014 The following press statement has been published on June 22nd on the European Chess Union official website. Among other things, the ECU informs that it has nothing to do with the tournaments held in Albena and Golden Sands in 2014, and those tournaments were not part of the ECU official calendar for 2014. Member of the National Team of Bulgaria Kiril Georgiev Accused Danailov and Topalov In The Unsuccessful Performance At The Olympiad The member of the national team of Bulgaria Kiril Georgiev accused Silvio Danailov and Veselin Topalov in an unsuccessful performance at the Olympiad. The GM called the final 20th place at the tournament the great failure. Bulgarian Chess Federation Sued FIDE At the Court of Arbitration For Sport Bulgarian Chess Federation (BCF) filed statement of appeal against FIDE at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne and requested cancelation of the contract between FIDE and the company AGON, it also protests against paragraphs 13.5 and 13.

6 of the FIDE Regulations approved at the FIDE Congress. We have received the official press release stating BCF position. We are offering it below:.

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